Mounting Slide Hardware on CD Storage Shelves

Advice on how to deal with non-standard drawer-slide installation for tall pull-out CD shelves on an entertainment center. July 21, 2006

I built this entertainment center for a client with pull-out media storage and used 10" full extension Dynaslide rails, mounted top and bottom, that I picked up from Austin Hardwood in So. California. From the picture you can't tell, but when they are extended all the way, there is a lot of play and with some CD's loaded they seem to bind a little.

Has anyone else come across this problem? At first I attempted to mount the slides on the side but it did the same thing. If anyone has any recommendations on slides that don't have as much play, it would be great, especially if Austin carries them. I want to get this corrected for the client ASAP.

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From contributor A:
I have not made any drawers like yours yet, but I have seen some with 2 slides on each side (1 top and 1 bottom). They were pretty solid. Maybe you can make a new box and try 4 slides?

From contributor B:
You will get deflection by placing slides on the flat like you have no matter what brand you use. You will lose a little height by doing it this way but you will get little to no deflection:

Mount solid block to top and bottom fixed floors in cabinet tall enough for slide height plus 1/8 clearance top and bottom. Mount main body on blocks just like you would a cabinet side. Mount the other part of slides to vertical blocks mounted on rollout. Refer to pic. Sorry I do not have close ups to show you how it is set up but I think you will get the drift. It is just like a drawer but slides are mounted the opposite way so it conceals hardware when opened.

From contributor C:
I've done a few things like that, and I usually put a pair near the bottom just as you would a drawer, and one flat . The flat one will keep the thing coming out exactly straight and will make things operate smoothly. I usually put the flat one at the top.

From contributor D:
I've built a few of these before but what I would do is use 2 or more, depending on height and weightt, KV 8400 full extension slides; (they are non-handed) mount all slides on the back of pull out. If drawer is accessed by left side, mount all slides on right side, use 1/2" or 3/4" back.