Mounting a Table-Saw Power Feeder

Ideas for attaching a power feeder to a table saw. October 2, 2007

After thirty six years, my shoulders have had enough. Just bought my first power feed (for shaper). Would you drill and tap or through bolt?

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From contributor L:
Drill and tap. Sometimes it is not possible because of the casting webs.

From contributor A:
About 15 years ago I had this post made for my old 12/14" table saw. I had to increase the motor on the saw to 10hp. The post was made from my drawing by a local machine shop for about $500. The post is 7"+ heavy steel pipe. The floor mounting plate is 1/2" steel welded to the post with 4 triangular gussets. The arm is two heavy 3x6" rectangular tubes welded together to form a 6x6. They are welded to an 8" long section of 1/2" wall pipe that has been machined to fit over the machined end of the post as a snug fit. That piece of pipe was slit on the side away from the arm and two 3/4" bars of steel were welded on to form a clamping area for two bolts that draw the parts together and one bolt in the middle that can push the sleeve open to allow easy turning. The arm is supported while turning on a ring bolted below; it that can be adjusted up and down as needed for clearance over the saw table. There is a 1/2" steel plate with gussets welded to the end of the arm to mount the feeder base. A 4 roll, 8-speed feed is mounted. Total distance from the blade to the center of the post is 46". The post is bolted into the 6" concrete floor in such a position that the feed can be moved in and out w/o affecting its center relationship to the blade. There is no detectable flex in the system. The saw also is bolted into the concrete floor.

From contributor A:
This is the saw and feed post. Not the finest image, but you get the idea. Has worked well for a long time but you can see part of the straight-line-rip-saw in the background that took over the functions of this saw. It is still used for a few things. But for ripping out it doesn't even come close to the ripsaw.

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I should add one more caution: if you put a feed base on a bolted on table extension, you will likely break the extension. I tried it once a long time ago! Error!

From the original questioner:
Thanks for the responses gentlemen. I bolted to the main bed today. Works like a charm. Only made a few test runs this evening but I can tell that there is no going back now. In fact I'm ordering another feeder tomorrow. (Nice looking 12-14, I really miss mine but no longer have three phase.)