Mozaik Improvements?


From original questioner:

I've read alot of positives regarding this software, but would anyone using this software care to elaborate any downsides to using the program v/s the existing offerings like CV MV kcdw etc?

I'm awaiting my code & looking for scenarios to be aware of.

From contributor Mi

I don't use the program but from what I understand Roger Taylor of
MOZIAK Cabinetry will be at Jim McGrew's camp in April.
Here is a link to the information.

From contributor jg

Seems to be a protected forum, regardless, maybe James can enlighten us some, given he's used most of the variants.

From contributor Mi

The sites not "protected" if by that you mean you can't view the postings.
The links worked for me just before I wrote this responce..

From contributor jg

Ahh, the link's working for me now, thanks for that info, interesting event.

From contributor De

I switched from KCD to Mozaik to run our CNC and it is much more flexible in design than KCD was. You can build many things that are out of the norm with Mozaik because you are not supplied with a library that can only be manipulated within limits.

All my cuts come out fitting perfect and the cutlists are correct. I haven't really found any downsides that make me think twice about the switch.

From contributor jg

Thanks Denny,
I agree, Had similar issues with KCDW and CW, hacking photo frames and microwaves to look like something else.

I'm evaluating mozaik now but I'm a little concerned with support.... I paid up last tuesday and had to call 3 days later to get an activation code that was supposed to emailed to me. Today made 3 unanswered emails about getting forum access.

I emailed Roger directly earlier today so hopefully I'll get a result.

I can say mozaik coupled with the layout program in sketchup pro is awesome.... produces better looking drawings than I've seen in any other cabinet rendering program. We do alot of commercial and the usage of callouts and embedded scales are much appreciated.

From contributor De

The support has always been good in my experience. Not sure what happened with your code.

I am testing ArielVision as a rendering engine for Sketchup and it has really improved the quality of the drawings for clients.