Mozaik To Thermwood?


From original questioner:

So I'm curious about Mozaik software but they told me they will not be writing g-code for Thermwood. However I was told that the software would produce layered .dxf which could be sent to the Thermwood. Any one doing this?

From contributor Br


Not sure why they would say that they would not be writing post processors for Thermwoods. Seems to me that based on their website, their post processors are open and you could create your own for your Thermwood router. (I am sure that Thermwood would assist you.)

Mozaik's website states:
"Our post files are open source text files. You, or your machinery supplier, can modify the post as necessary using a simple text editor like Notepadô."

Since they output to Omnitechs, Komos, and XYZ nesting routers and they all output code relative to the EIA-274 standard - should be no problem to create a post for a Thermwood.

What they may not plan to do, is to create a Job Level Interface link to Thermwood's Control Nesting software, as this would be beyond a simple post processor that basically formats the output for a particular machine.

Just my educated guess... someone could correct me if I am wrong. (Would not be the first time. lol)

From contributor Do

Brad, I think he means that Mozaik won't post to Thermwood "out of the box", as in they don't have a post already available that will write to Thermwood so you'd have to edit one of their defaults or use a layer approach.

I think it would be more preferable to write a custom post rather than layering. I haven't seen their post format though, could be easy, could be a migraine.

From contributor st

To be accurate the email I received said, in part, "We do not support Thermwood machines. You could link to it using our Layered DXF output but we will not be creating G-Code links for that brand."

There are a number of things I like about the software and i've started evaluating it. But at the end of the day if I can't go from software to router in a reasonable amount of effort I'll have to abandon it.

Thanks for the input thus far.

From contributor Da

Properly layered dxf's can be imported into Thermwood and they work fine.

It's not a big thing to try. They have all the necessary math libraries, auto-toolpathing form layered dxf's, nesting, 2-sided processing, etc., for most basic needs. It works just fine.

From contributor Za

Did you ever follow through trying Mozaik with your Thermwood?

I am interested in doing the same. Their post is open source and should be somewhat eazy to modify. I don't see why you couldn't modify it to work with the Thermwood.