Murphy Bed Hardware Choices

Advice on shopping for hardware to build beds that fold back into the wall. March 22, 2013

Any particular brand that anyone has used for bed hardware that was particularly nice quality, functioned properly, installed relatively easy, etc.?

Forum Responses
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From contributor C:
Murphy Wall-Beds Hardware, Inc. We've used this hardware a few times and it's the best I've seen.

From contributor K:
Sico in Minneapolis has worked well for us.

From contributor H:
I made a Murphy bed using the hardware available from Woodworkers Supply. With this kit the legs at the foot of the bed fold out from the face of the cabinet. The kit works well and was easy to make using their plans. I translated them and cut it out on my CNC. There is another kit, where the legs store within the cabinet and fold over the foot of the bed. In my view this makes for a much nicer cabinet; however, this kit was far more and the budget wouldn't stretch to it.

From contributor S:
I agree with Contributor C that it is the best stuff I have used. I forgot to mention that the manual that comes with the hardware is also very detailed and tells you all the sizes of all the gables, headboard, top and bottom, mounting locations, and etc. very easy to build and install.

From contributor M:
I just got done with my first Murphy bed. There are more expensive and less expensive, but I doubt any better or simpler. My client loves it. Use a standard off the shelf mattress.

From contributor F:
I have used the Murphy hardware from Rockler and had no problems.

From contributor B:
The last few wall beds I have made I used hardware from Louis and Company. They are easy to use and easy to build. The hardest part is finding instructions that make sense.

From contributor J:
I've used the hardware from Custom Service hardware. The options were good and it was relatively easy to figure out.