NGR Color Shift Caused by Stain Coats

A sealer between the dye coat and the stain coat will help keep NGR dyes from changing color on you. April 10, 2008

When I spray cherry NGR, then stain with CanLak stain, most of the NGR leaves. Is there something I can add to the NGR to make it withstand the stain? I can't see how retarder would help.

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From contributor C:
Common problem that has nothing to do with the dye going away. Furniture manufacturers found this out when NGRs first started to be used - the stain would shift the color quite a bit. Answer is not retarder, but applying a thin coat of sealer over the dye before staining. This will isolate the dye from the pigment and your base dye color will remain quite the same. But for info sake, it is possible to add 5 to 10% diacetone alcohol to your dye, which will open up the wood porosity and allow better and deeper penetration of the dye into the wood surface. It is a relatively slow drying substance, so allow plenty of time for it to dry before coating over it. Even then, for best results, you should seal before a wiping stain is applied. Is your stain a wiping stain?

From the original questioner:
A coat of sealer over the NGR dye is a great idea. Thanks; I will use that. Yes, it is a wiping stain. I have used wiping stain, then sealer, then sand with 320, then more wiping stain to get a darker finish, but I never thought about it for the NGR.