Naphtha for Reducing CV in Hot Weather

Off the shelf standard naphtha isn't what you're looking for you want "naphtha 150". January 19, 2012

The factory rep recommended naphtha 150 for better flowout in our 100 - 110 degree temps. I find naphtha easy enough, but the can does not have anything about "150" on it. What does 150 mean? And how do I tell if I have it? I think the naphtha on the shelf will work - I would just rather be sure!

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From contributor B:
Naphtha 150, or as it should be called SC150, is not an off-the-shelf solvent, but I am sure there are a few distributors that have a little on hand. Don't use plain old naphtha, not the same stuff, and it will ruin your CV. Have you tried MAK or N-Butyl Acetate? Whose CV are you using?

From the original questioner:
The finish is CIC. I would rather find the correct process than make a mistake! I have not tried those other products, as the factory rep specifically recommended naphtha 150. I just talked to the rep again and he said the same, it would ruin the finish. He said it is also known as HS or high flash naphtha. He is going to send me some for free!

From contributor R:
Sherwin Williams has HF naphtha.