Need advice on shaper head purchase

A comparison of different types of shaper heads. June 14, 2000

I am interested in purchasing a shaper head to hold custom-ground knives. I was looking at two styles of heads.

One is a solid cylindrical head that holds corrugated knives. The second type has an integral bearing that holds lock-edge knives. If it makes any difference, 99 percent of my moulding work is straight work. I almost never do curved work.

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I would advise you to look very closely at the corrugated-style tool. It is safer and there are many companies that can offer you ground-to-pattern knives for that type of head.

For the corrugated type heads I would look at DML, WKW or North American. They all make good quality shaper heads.

Dave Rankin, forum moderator

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Comment from contributor A:
CGG Schmidt has corrugated back heads with only two knives: reduces grinding time for short runs or hand grinding. I have no experience with hand grinding. Corrugated back type heads have restrictions on knife projection: 3/4" to 7/8" max as I understand it. I can't find a source for a lock edge head 2 to 2.5" dia, with bearing for raising panels.