New AAA Pump


From original questioner:

Looking to buy a pump switching from Apollo turbine cup. What would you buy?

From contributor Ke

Kremlin. hands down.

From contributor th

have used cat's, kremlin's, and a graco. all have different features that appeal to personal preferences but all shoot pretty equally. i'm not a huge fan of the kremlin eos i shooting right now but i like the excite gun.

you'll only wish you made this purchase sooner.

From contributor Ji

What do you think of the EOS? We have a kremlin 10/14. With an excite gun. Also a cat, bob cat. We like them both for quality of finish. The excite gun is more comfortable.....never used the EOS? Like everyone else we are big fans of AAA.

From contributor th


eos is fine but i don't understand the benefit vs. 10:14 (other than higher ratio - they all seem to shoot the same). i just picked up something about what might be causing ours to wink (from another post a week or so ago). our wink is pretty minor but slightly annoying and not something i would expect from a new unit.

the excite and bobcat guns feel the best in my hands. the graco g15 starts to hurt my hands if i have a half gallon or more to spray.

From contributor he

i would get a demo on kremlin, cat and a binks, all very close in performance
youi will see that in the demos
if the seller won't do a demo i would not buy from them it is a big enuf sale to warrant their time, if not it probably isn't someone u should by from

but big difference in costs and replacement parts,
you should be able to get any of them for between 1900 and 2k
good luck
herb j

From contributor Ji

Paid $2300.00 for my kremlin 10/14 a year ago. Just paid $800.00 for a used bob cat. Sprays like new.....really can't tell the difference between either finish......

From contributor Fo

I can buy used cat bobcat for $1000 around three years old or a new one for $1600 which one the best deal?

From contributor Ji

Test spray them both. The used one we bought sprays like new.

Call cat ask them what to lookout for in a use ed machine......

From contributor he

if you know who had the used pump before you, i would buy it if the guy took care of it,

if the used has a warranty buy it, if not get a new one

good luck
herb j

From contributor Bi

We recently bought a 10/14 Kremlin and highly recommend it. It works well for our spray volume and material sprayed (clear conversion varnish only). The XCite gun is great!

The EOS is a significant upgrade for several reasons; higher pressures, greater viscosity range, and eliminates the "wink". I may wish I bought the EOS instead as time goes on, but for now this unit works well for us.

From contributor De

I think both the new and used ones will give you the same performance, it comes down to whether there is anything that needs to be done to the used one to make it go. The parts are fairly expensive but if you don't need to replace anything the used one would be a good buy. I just closed down my shop due to a knee problem and that is what I am planning on asking for my CAT.