Nylon Stocking Spray-Gun Filter Tip

A piece of nylon stocking works better than a store-bought filter for straining finishes in an HVLP cup gun. September 11, 2006

We use a small HVLP gun for spraying onesies and twosies, but have a problem with the filters, particularly with CV. We catalyze it in a quart cup (which is more than the gun can hold) and filter it into the gun. The film on the sides of the cup cures but re-dissolves and makes its way into the HVLP through the filter on the next pour. We have similar problems with precats and others, particularly with dull finishes, which is what we almost always spray. We are using the same filters I see other shops using but I'm 100% convinced that they are too coarse.

Does anyone know of a good supplier of a very fine paint filter? For now I'm using two or three filters stacked to keep the stuff from making it into the gun and onto the finish. By the way, we are using brand new paints and freshly catalyzed CV, so the problem isn't the paint.

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From contributor A:
Wrap a folded piece of a nylon stocking around the intake tube on your HVLP and call it a day.

From the original questioner:
Not a bad idea! Seems that the solvent would cause the dye to bleed though, but it's worth a shot.

From contributor A:
Iíve been using the same stocking for about a year. All I do is cut a piece about 3 square inches and fold it in half. Use a piece of metal thread to attach it to the end of the spout and youíre good to go. Put one on all the pressure pots and cup guns and youíre sure to have clean material exiting your spray guns. All the years Iíve used this method Iíve never had a dye bleed through into the finish -could be the cheap nylons my lady buys!