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From original questioner:

It looks like I'm about to file a lien - or more likely, a bond claim. There are online services which do this. $250. for the bond claim. Has anyone had experience with this? I'm a sub, to a sub to the GC. It's a bonded municipal building renovation. Legal action like this is possible here in Maine

From contributor La

Will a lien do any good on a public building? Carefully check the contract terms. Government units don't usually leave any doors open. Must be an interesting bond. Bonds normally protect the owner, not the subs!

From contributor Da

Bond claims (no, I had never heard of them) apparently need to be satisfied prior to GC's receiving payment. Municipalities, towns, and other such entities are not immune to them (or liens) here in Maine.

From contributor Al

Use a service if you haven't done it before, the only step I would take is ask the sub you worked for if you can call the GC and confirm that the sub you work for and the GC has not been paid. If they say they haven't then go to the municipality and confirm and tell them you feel like you have no recourse.

Do you have to file preliminary notices in Maine?

A service will know all these answers, the only issue is once you file it stops payment for everyone until its resolved unless they bond around it or pay you depending on the amount.

The payment bond is there to guarantee payment. We filed on one a few years ago and the GC had filed bankruptcy so we were paid in about 20 days by the bond company.

Good luck

From contributor Ja

My only experience was filing a lien in Ohio.

The best advice I got was to go in person to the clerks office and ask the secretaries how it works.

Along the way I learned that each county had it's own requirements that included size of paper as well as the size of font used on the document. Determining the specific owner of the project can also be tricky.

I got paid immediately.

If the situation will not permit you to handle this in person, make sure the online service has experience in the state & county where the work was performed.

From contributor Da

Thanks for the responses, all. Negotiations on payment are on-going. I may not have to follow through on the filing. Will post on how it turns out. I have to say,---the bond claim seems to be the more potent tool when available.

From contributor Br

Be interesting to see how this turns out. Too bad you had to go thru it.