Oregon Altendorf Techs


From original questioner:

I bought a used wa8 altendorf and am pulling my hair out on trying to cut true and square! Wondering if there is anyone in Oregon willing to help me out. I'm in central oregon.

From contributor ca

The data you want starts around page 23

From contributor Br

You can always call Stiles, they have techs servicing Oregon.

From contributor Ju

I got a quote from stiles. And cant afford them.

From contributor Br

That doesn't surprise me.

If you are going to buy a piece of equipment like this either you'll have to find the budget for service or learn to do it your self. My Altendorf is an older model so a bit easier. I did it myself.

I did have to pay Stiles to work on the digital display. If I bought the part and put it in and it didn't fix the problem I was out the cost of the part (no returns on parts). If I paid Stiles to put it in and if it didn't fix the problem they would take the part back. As it turned out I still had to take a soldering iron to the circuit board and make changes. The tech who came wasn't willing to do that.