Outrageous Handling Fees


From original questioner:

Last week I placed an online order for a 10" saw blade ($60) from a reputable and large tooling manufacturer. Two weeks later, I found out that rather than thanking me for my business and being a new customer, they wanted to fine me $20 which they called a "handling fee". After back or forth emails they said they would waive it one time, but not for future orders.

Has anybody heard of such a ridiculous notion of charging a $20 handling fee?? My company sells online, and like other online retailers, offering free shipping is the norm.

From contributor Ga


That sounds rough to me. I would recommend ToolsToday.com. They ship quickly, and anything over 35 dollars is free shipping. They also have very competitive pricing for Amana Tooling.

From contributor D

A few thoughts , unless it said free shipping and handling it wasn't .if it did then that's different .
Not all offer free shipping .
It costs time , labor and package materials to get it ready to ship .

To me the cost of shipping is part of the total cost of goods coming in or going out .

Shipping has gone up here out West .

From contributor Br

This is easy, buy from somewhere else. Wouldn't want to be a retailer in the days of "click" shopping.

From contributor Da

There is one high quality tool manufacturer that controls pricing, so all retailers are on that same level field - they must sell the tool for the same price. What separates them is that "shippIng and handling". Worse than Ginzu Knife or Miracle Mop orders.

I recently had shutter hardware delivered - Fedex 8 lbs, regular ground - and they hit me for $85.00 shipping and handling! I protested and they relented. But I will shop around the next time. I'll pay reasonable costs, and since I ship often enough to know, I can compare what they charge vs what things cost.

From contributor Fr

In Western Canada we notice so called Fuel Surcharges ( on top of the confirmed Rate Quote)as an extra add on.
Some of them rather large.

From contributor Ri

I agree that's high, but send one of your guys to a local source in a company truck. $20 sounds cheap then! I'm paying $11.71 shipping for a limit switch to come ground shipping for my laser. Less than a half pound shipping weight. No choice at all for me.

From contributor Ji

Since I have a FedEx and UPS accounts, I ask them if they will ship it on my account. If so, that's what I do. Then I wind up paying the actual cost of shipping. Of course some will tack on a "handling" fee of $2 - $5 per order, but overall I save some money.

From contributor Al

Internet vendors are selling based on product price without tax and shipping. Hardware, lumber. solid surface wholesalers have similar charges on shipping and handling if you don't buy minimums.

When comparing prices we always check the landed price.


From contributor Je

I kindly told the service rep that I was cancelling my order and why. I also suggested that you forward my email to her supervisors so that they know why they chased a customer to their competitors. As you know, there are a lot of tooling manufacturers to choose from. On a side not, I wonder how they would react if I told them I deducting $20 from their payment as a service fee for creating the purchase order!?

From contributor Da

I sometimes entertain myself by making up an invoice for my time in dealing with these situations, and sending it to them. As I put it, I am the customer, and I am the one that has to do the 'customer service' for them.

That has its costs, at my normal shop rate, and I expect to be paid, just as they do.

No, it doesn't do much more that get my point across. I have never collected.