PSA Sanding Discs


From original questioner:

We use 5" 5 and 8-hole electric orbital sanders in our shop. I like the 3M 900 DZ ceramic cloth backed discs, but am starting to have difficulty finding them. Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a reliable, affordable source, or if there are any alternate discs (preferably 8-hole PSA) that anyone would recommend. Tried Mirca and some Klingspor, but just wasn't impressed with the longevity.

From contributor Mi

David, I've used a lot of different brands but the ones my guys like the best is the red line from , I tried a box this week that was actually more expensive and had to listen to them complain all week that it didn't last long. We've used bothe the red line and the white rhino stick from them but the red line is the favorite here. I think a box of 100 is about 16-17 bucks depending on grit. This is my go to place for sanding, scuffing, belts, sheets, everything. Hope that helps

From contributor Ji

I switched to the "screen" type sanding
discs and love them.
Lasts longer, cuts better and no more
Mirka makes them, they're called
Autonet Disks. 5" & 6"
They're unbelievable.

From contributor ni

do you use the autonet for wood?
i use the abranet just wondering what the difference is
thanks ..................nicko

From contributor Ad

Our stearated film disks have out run those ceramic disks many times. We do both 5 and 8 hole psa.

From contributor Jo

Carborundum premier red. The pink and white rolls. Way better than anything else I have ever used.

From contributor Ji

Yes, I use them for wood.
Haven't tried them yet for automotive
but will when it gets warm again.