Packing Cabinets to Ship Overseas

A quick rundown on wrapping, loading, and securing cabinets for container shipping. February 26, 2007

Has anyone out there ever put a whole job into crates for delivery? We have a job we are currently working on that goes to Central America. The builder has asked if we would be interested in "crating" the cabinets so he does not have to do it. Ive never been in this situation before, and dont know what to charge, or really how to crate something. Any advice would be appreciated.

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From contributor T:
The best way to ship cabinetry is blanket wrap. A bubble wrap is nice if you want to spend the money but you will still have to blanket wrap, tape and secure them.

When shipping over-seas, have the container dropped off at your site which is of no cost to you. Then load your goods. Use tie-down straps to firmly secure your goods in place and build a bulk-head in front to keep your goods in place and to protect them from other L.T.L. goods, if applicable.

Make a detailed shipping list of each item and its dimensions and an estimated weight of the goods, which is mandatory.

That's about it. The only cost to you is the purchase of the blankets, tie downs, bulk head and the time to document and load the goods. The rest is handled by the shipper.

There are companies that handle crating but the cost is substantial and the damage caused by the crate to the goods is just not worth it unless you plan on insurance taking care of the problem.