Paint Booth Exhaust Filter Tip

Here's a handy way to apply filter cloth to the exhaust of a spray booth. November 12, 2006

My brother and I are putting together a spray room and are looking for the wire grid (with the fingers that stand straight out) that the filter media applies to. Is there a source for this part that any one is aware of? We prefer not to buy used booth to get the part.

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From contributor A:
I made mine from the 6 x 6 wire mesh they put into concrete slabs. My booth was too old to find replacement grids.

From contributor B:
I had a local welder make ours, but could have done it myself. He used angle iron "L" around the perimeter and "T" in the center sections. Lay it out on the floor and tack weld it first.

From contributor C:
I don't use the grids you are looking for. Instead I use a filter roll media (Paint Pockets) that comes on a 48" x 60' long roll. Then I cut into strips and hang across the top of the booth. I use 3" industrial Velcro that is screwed into the booth to attach it. This allows for a better seal around the exhaust, thus better filtration. It also gives me a much quicker change-out time.