Painting Inside A Frame And Panel Door Grouve


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Hi all
My company produces shaker doors and draw fronts from particle core melamine.
When we use a clear or opaque resin as a panel for the door we paint the grove so the raw material dose not show through the resin.. This painting is done with a small paint brush and requires a lot of time and clean up. we are at the point where it is becoming hard to keep up with the demand and I need to either stop doing this all together of find a more efficient way to do this.. any ideas appreciated Or do you think it is acceptable to not paint at all. We only had 1 complaint in about 4 years then we started painting.

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Your post makes no sense to me.

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Are you edge banding before you mill the grooves? Wondering about how you treat that raw edge. You might think about applying masking tape before you mill the groove, spray the groove, then remove the tape before glue up.
Makes me smile, doubt if the Shaker's would think much of melamine particle board!