Painting Nooks and Crannies on Site (Against Gravity)

Figuring out how to paint small detail in hard-to-reach spots on installed cabinets. August 16, 2012

All I'm pigment painting some installed cabinets with end panels and integral ff feet that extent to the floor with an inset toe kick. I'm finding that I will not be able to get my gun upside down and backwards for these situations. I plan on pre-finishing the nooks and hope that the minimal overspray in these areas does not look too rough. Am I being to overly picky at such unseen areas?

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From contributor B:
I would recommend a pressure feed gun/setup - upside down, sideways, whatever. Also you could do the deepest recess with a brush/roller.

From the original questioner:
I'm using a turbine gun. Do they have remote systems for say my Capspray 9100/maxim II gun?

From contributor C:
Capspray may sell a projector kit for your gun for hard to reach areas. It sounds like a 24" extension.