Panel Cleaner Options

The big difference is brush orientation. Here's a look. June 12, 2014

Anyone have a preference on panel cleaners? We are running MDF and particleboard. We have typically used the belt style that runs across the width of the panel versus the drum type that just spins reverse direction of the panel feed. Does either work better to make sure the panel is absolutely clean going into the glue spreader?

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From contributor J:
I would think it really depends on the product you run and how hard you need to brush the panels. I have worked with both and they both work. They will also both have their pros and cons. It depends on the speed of your line, etc.

The round brush works good and is used a lot. It is the simplest design and usually the least expensive. As long as the brushes are rotating against the feed and you have good extraction, it will do a good job.

The cross brushes are used a lot in the high end market and especially in laminate flooring. This makes sure the panel gets cleaned, especially when installed at an angle to the panel. These are more expensive and the brush replacements cost more. These brushes usually last longer and they get cleaned after every pass on the panels. Instead of moving the debris back on the panel, it sweeps it off to the side.