Part Stacker For Edgebander?


From original questioner:

Thinking "Lean" here, would be really nifty if we could pull parts off the CNC, and drop them right on the edgebander, then have them drop off the end of the bander into a neat stack.

Right now, we pull the parts off the CNC, then stack them on a cart, then roll the cart to the bander, then put them on the bander one by one, and run over to catch the previous part before it gets pushed on the floor. Sometimes a part does fall and it's a time consuming remake.

There must be a machine or shopmade contraption to catch the parts as they come off the bander?

I'm also working on a vacuum at the infeed side of the bander to suck dust off the parts so we don't have to blow them off individually. Our bander hates dusty parts.

From contributor JM

Move your bander closer to your cnc.

We load a sheet onto the cnc, cut parts, then pull parts and lay flat onto table that is between the bander and the cnc. Parts go from this table, to the bander, to a cart for assembly.

There is usually only 8 to 10 parts per sheet, and 1 operator comfortably can run the cnc and band that parts at the same time. While 1 sheet is being cut, the previous sheet is being banded.

From contributor ca

build a small table that sits 2 1/4" lower than the out of the bander--- this will allow three parts to stack - make an extra cart - or 3 or 4. Yes move the bander, too.

From contributor De

one of the first things I bought after I got an edgebander was a portable scissor lift cart. We took the short cord off and installed a longer so we could raise and lower from the opposite end of the bander. Works great same cart has been in use for 13 years. You can run anywhere from 3-15 parts on it. Just a click and it lowers it an 1" or so at a time.

From contributor Jo

They do make conveyor return systems. But that may take up more room then what you were thinking.