Peg-Hole and Dowel Drawer Bottoms

Ideas for how to detail this popular new feature: holes for movable vertical pegs in drawers, used to organize plates and such. February 20, 2008

I am building some drawers for a customer that have 32mm holes in the bottom for pegs that are adjustable for stacking plates in to prevent them from moving. This is a new feature that ladies seem to love for their cabinets. I used my line borer to drill 5mm holes in a grid 32mm apart for the pegs which will be 1" wood dowels with a 5mm steel pin inserted in the dowel. My problem is I don't know where to get 5mm pins for the dowels that are at least 2" long or longer that I can cut to length. Anyone know of a good source?

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From contributor B:
This isn't going to work as I understand it. You are drilling a 5mm pattern in your drawer bottom, and my guess is it's 1/2" to 3/4" thick? You are planning to put the pin into the dowel and stick that into the 5mm hole? Save the headache and use a conformat screw through the drawer bottom into the dowel. You can get comformat screws that will go through your 5mm hole into a 4mm pilot hole in the dowel. If you still want a 5mm pin, use a sex bolt sleeve. Recess that into your dowel and you won't have to cut anything.

From contributor J:
Or better yet, just order the stuff that Hafele sells. It's on page 996. It has a threaded stud and a lock nut that goes on the bottom. They also sell the drawer bottoms pre-bored.

From the original questioner:
I have built a couple of these before using 1/4" holes (hand drilled) and dowels, but the thought of drilling hundreds of holes in 6 drawers did not appeal to me. That's why I opted for the 5mm holes with my line borer.