Pigmented Pre-cats / Post-cats


From original questioner:

heres another question regarding tinted pre-cat or post-cats .
when using pigmented pre-cats for an opaque solid color , is it necessary to use a primer ? can a solid color be obtained in 2 coats without the primer ? post-cats the same ?

From contributor Mi


I think it depends on the product. I've been using Chemcraft's versaset precat and it will cover in two coats with no problem. However, I get a much smoother finish with a coat of primer and one coat of the precat. Scuffing precat is usually gummy. If I'm at the end of a kitchen and find a piece that didn't get primed then I'll shoot two coats of precat on it, but I definetly wouldn't want to do a whole kitchen like that. Primer gives a much better finish. Hope that helps

From contributor ji

o.k. got it . thanks for the reply Mike .