Pocket Screws for Stair Assembly

Advice on fastener choice for screwing treads to risers from the back side. December 28, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
We're doing a substantial project with white oak treads and risers. We normally pocket screw the tops of the risers (from the back) to the treads above using a shop made jig with pan head sheet metal screws - usually #12. I've found that GRK is making a #9 pan head that they say works well for pocket screwing. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has used them for pocket screwing with a Kreg setup. The info available on their site is less than complete and it would be good to hear from someone with experience with them. I'd like something a bit more substantial than the Kreg washer heads. I've always been impressed with toughness of GRK's fasteners. If appropriate, these might speed our assembly substantially.

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From contributor M:
I use their #8's for face frames. I get occasional splits in white oak. I won't touch birch with them without predrilling: a major pain. Good screws, there's just no where for the chips to go.

From the original questioner:
These screws will be run up into a thicker x-section of material and well away from an end. White oak, I believe, is less likely to split in this situation. Each screw would be about 8" away from the next.

From contributor M:
Yeah, that should be fine. About 3" to the edge seems to be the danger zone for the #8's. If the piece looks dense, drilling halfway, backing out, then driving it home seems to help. It unloads some of the chips.