Poison Ivy Remedies

Logs with poison ivy vines on them can really get you good. Here are some recommendations for prevention and treatment. December 12, 2008

I got in contact with poison ivy. I remember that somebody did catch it while handling logs. Could someone still have the name of the cream to heal it?

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From contributor S:
Hydrocortisone cream. I get poison ivy just looking at it. Go to your doctor and get the stronger cream, especially if you have a bad case. If you just have a few bumps, Calodryl will help. If you get it like me, take the shots your doctor will suggest.

From contributor C:
It's probably too late for you at this point, but I keep a bottle of Tecnu in the truck. If you know there's poison ivy or poison oak where you're working, pre-treat yourself with it. If you get into some accidentally, a thorough scrubbing within an hour usually will keep a reaction from happening. It's available at the local drug store, and does work.

From contributor N:
Check the active ingredient on the Technu, and you may see a way to save some money.

From contributor C:
I'd never read the ingredients. I assume you are referring to the mineral spirits?

From contributor T:
I seemingly get it by just looking at it too! I often got it when I was a kid, and I remember Mom spreading something pink called Calamine lotion on it; very soothing.

From contributor P:
If you know you just got into some poison ivy, use Fels Naphtha soap work to wash the oil off.

From contributor V:
I've tried all remedies. Best I've found is something called Zanfel or something like that. It is expensive. However it is OTC, it goes a long way, and it claims to be the only product which can truly break the bond between the poison ivy oil and the skin once present. I've gotten great relief in 12-24 hours, and eradication of the whole patch within several days.

From contributor W:
If you want to try the natural cure for it, it is called jewel weed, a form of native impatiens. It has a small orange-yellow flower that matures into a little seed pod, which will pop open and shoot the seed inside out when you tough the pod. Hence its other name, touch-me-not. Grows about hip high in shaded bottom areas. Real fleshy almost translucent stem. You mash the stems up, add a little water to the stems, let it sit in a bucket outside in the sun for half a day, and when it smells like Scope, it's ready to smear on your PI!

From contributor T:
I have used Zanfel several times. It is expensive but it really does work.

From contributor O:
I've tried Technu, which smells like turpentine, and still ended up with a case of the itch. The most important thing is to get the sap off your skin within 30 minutes with cool water and soap and pat dry with a towel. I've tried everything for remedies... Most relieve the swelling and/or itch, but you will put up with the blisters for up to a week. Jewel weed does work to an extent on less severe cases, but if you continually get poison ivy/sumac, get the shots. I've also smeared Caladryl all over my arms before firewood cutting wearing gloves and that has helped a lot from getting severe cases.

From contributor L:
I have an Oregon remedy for poison oak/poison ivy if you didn't get it taken care of with soap at the beginning. When the itching starts, make a paste of water and Epsom salt and spread it on the spots a couple of times in the evening and let it dry. It's usually about gone by the next evening.

From contributor A:
Zanfel is worth the money because it works. All the other cures and creams are poor at best.

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Comment from contributor B:
Jewel weed is the best cure for poison ivy. It usually grows near poison ivy vines. Simply take the above ground growth of the plant (at any stage of growth), crush in your palm and rub it all over the affected area. It can also be used as a preventative prior to getting into poison ivy.