Polyacril Alternative


From original questioner:

We have been using and loving Polyacril (Lorchem) for years, now our supplier (Innovative Mfg in Delta BC) is no longer carrying it because people want a non-yellowing finish. Now they carry Sirta, a 100% acrylic instead. It behaves very nicely but being all acrylic it has a whitish haze in the side light. What 2k polys do people like which are more conventional in look?

From contributor Cr

I have been using Klintcryl (also from Innovative) off and on for a few years and really like it. I don't notice the whitish haze that you get from the acrylics, it might be worth a look for you.

From contributor Gr

Will try this out, don't know why they moved me into the Sirta except for the cost!

More info- we are finishing primarily cherry, some walnut and sapele on table tops. People are buying the natural look of the wood, and conventional finishes give the warmest color (think oil). Waterbornes often give this very subtle haze in the sidelight. A lack of clarity from anywhere but looking straight on.