Portable Display Panels for a Cabinet Showroom

Here's advice on a setup to mount cabinets for display that you can use in the showroom, or haul to trade shows. July 8, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I have a small showroom area in which I would like to put some small vignettes of various styles of work I do. I also would like these to be portable for setup at home shows. Does anyone have ideas or pictures of a light weight wall system to hang the upper on as well as fasten the base to that is sturdy yet easy to dismantle?

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From contributor S:
Make some frames about three-four inches deep, ply rippings or straight 1x4, and apply a 1/4 or 1/2" skin on one side that you can apply paint or wall vinyl to. Add blocking in the frame where you want to attach your cabs. You can bolt and wing nut the panels together or for a real strong and quick method use roto locks or Norse locks. Of course, you'll need corners as part of the panel layout to keep things from tipping over. If you are skinning both faces you'll need to use a lock system and bury them in the panel - there will be a small hole visible for the hex key needed to turn the cam or hook.

This is a common set up for trade show exhibit displays or theatrical props. Do not get the panels over 4' wide for handling and weight. Keep the edges straight to keep the joint to a minimum, but it will be visible but don't worry about it, it's a traveling circus show not a museum. Your moldings can be pre-applied too, just butt them neatly at the panel joints or you can add and remove them at the show if you want to take that time and expense to have full lengths, but they're props to display the product you are showing. I ran a shop that built many of these for the biggest cabinet producer for their shows, it will work.

From contributor H:
I did the over a ten year period and found it was a pain to keep the wall sections stored and equally a pain to fabricate. We finally made the upper cabinets which sit on a roll top section on the counter surface. No walls needed. The units I have are five feet long but shorter would be easier to move.