Power Feeder Wheels Too Slick

Addressing a slippery-wheel situation on a power feeder. July 29, 2012

I just purchased a new Maggi power feeder and the wheels are so smooth that they won't push the wood through, they just spin out. I have never seen this before. What is the secret to get them gripping?

Forum Responses
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From contributor R:
Do you have to much down pressure on the rolls?

From contributor U:
What color wheels do you have? I found the white/yellow ones work the best for me. Also, keep the table waxed with something like Minwax paste wax. Iíve always had problems with the orange wheels grabbing on the Maggi's.

From contributor K:
Sand them with a D/A 80 Grit while they are running to scuff them up to remove the oily glaze.

From contributor L:
We always change out the factory tires for urethane ones (Western Roller). Use hard floor wax on the table, Trewax lasts pretty good. We have five feeders so keep an extra set of tires on hand.

From the original questioner:
It came with the orange wheels and they are smoother than the table. I will try some of the ideas.

From contributor O:
I agree with Contributor L. Give Western Roller a call and change the stock rollers to urethane. It will make a huge difference in performance.