Power Vent Systems on a Dehumidifier Kiln

Comments on the practicality of automatic powered vent louvers on a dehumidifier kiln. March 31, 2008

Has anybody installed the power vents sold by Nyle? I have a DH-4000 and am in the final stages of completing the kiln and want to install power vents. If you have used them, would you recommend them?

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From contributor J:
I have one on my kiln and it works fine. It seems like the auto vents would work better (like they have on the L300 and bigger). Maybe they would sell the actuator for opening the vents? The bad thing about the powered vents is that they have louvers (leaky) instead of a tight sealing vent cap.

From the original questioner:
I have the Wood-Mizer DH unit made by Nyle and the control box will control the auto vents at whatever maximum temperature I set on it. My big concern is that I spent a lot of time and money to make sure the kiln is airtight and well insulated and if the power vents don't seal properly it may cause problems. I'm new to kiln drying and have to rely on the experience of others so I really appreciate your input.

From contributor R:
I have a Nyle L200 setup with the auto high temp vent. I agree that the louvers don't seem to be very tight fitting. The rest of my kiln (reefer container) is very tight, and I don't have any problems controlling temp. Once the kiln is started and DH is running, my heat rarely kicks in, even in the winter... so for me, the less than perfect louver setup is not an issue.

From contributor J:
During the summer they are okay, since it vents a lot on the hot days. When the lumber is dry and I start the conditioning cycle, I block off the vent on the pressure side of the fans so it's not pushing moist, hot air out. If the vent runs while I have the intake blocked off, it creates a vacuum in the kiln and sucks the doors shut. It still blows some air out the vent so I have a leak somewhere else too. Whatever you do, definitely go with an auto vent for better control.

From the original questioner:
After reading your comments I decided to go ahead and order the power vent system from Nyle. Once again, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to answer my post.

From Professor Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
I would be tempted to put a piece of Styrofoam over the vent opening in the wintertime to reduce heat loss then. Make it loose enough so that if the fan does come on, the fan will be able to blow it off. Perhaps use a safety strap so it will not blow very far.

From contributor J:
I actually did use foam on the intake - it's wedged into the opening for the vent but can't come loose easily. On the powered out vent, a piece of Styrofoam could be hinged at the top so it would just close when the fan turns off. I'll look at that tomorrow.

From contributor C:
I have them on a L200 and installed a thermostat to control them. They work great.