Pre-Cat Lacquer and Laptop Computer Heat

Heavy laptop use could discolor some table-top finishes. March 28, 2012

I recently finished a couple of tables I did with a pre-cat lacquer. The clients want to know if they can use their laptops or place hot pots on them and if it will affect the finish. I of course told them to never place hot pots on a table directly but the laptop issue is a new question for me. Has anyone had any problems with laptops and pre-cat

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From contributor G:
Hot pots no - not even on polyurethane. It should be able to handle the heat from a laptop.

From contributor T:
A word of advice - hot pots are a no, as you are aware of. Laptops - be careful on your reply to your client. Average use of a laptop will not cause any harm to the material surface of pre-cat lacquer. If your customer uses their laptops much the way many of the young do today, it will cause a problem. Meaning if the laptop is left on consistently between uses and the fan motor runs steady it will cause a heat fog or blemish under the surface of the pre-cat lacquer. I would suggest you inform your customer that a pre-cat lacquer finish is more than safe in moderation of use but like anything else, you must exercise care and caution.