Precat Lacquer Over Tinted White Undercoater Changing Color


From original questioner:

Been using the same finishing process for years, Gemini precat lacquer over a Gemini white undercoater/sealer with some degree of tinting. Never a problem till this week when a kitchen turned yellowish/green after the precat was sprayed and it set overnight.

Paint supplier says that precat will pull yellow pigments to the top sometimes. But after dozens and dozens of kitchens using tinted undercoater what are the odds that none of the previous tints had no yellow pigment added?

Anyone seen this happen before? I repainted everything using plain white undercoater and the set looks much better but I'd like to find out exactly what caused this to happen cause greenish/yellowish cabinets were not a pleasant thing to behold.

From contributor RO

What kind of pigments did you use ? You should use 844 pigments with any precat. If you are not tinting and it turns yellow, than the top coat is not water white.

From contributor Al

Not sure what type of pigments they use. Anchor Paint company, Oklahoma City. They sell to builders and painting pros, house paint, industrial paint, stains so they tint all kinds of products daily.

Plain white undercoater didn't yellow so it definitely was the tinted undercoater that was the culprit. It was a very light tint in the first coat

I asked about water white precat and they looked at me like I was insane. Might need to find another paint company.

From contributor ch

I had the same thing happen with SW precat over tinted undercoater except it turned pink. We finally narrowed it down to a very small amount of magenta tint in the formula. We actually left out the magenta and I couldnt even tell a difference in the color, other than a lack of pink tinge when hit with clear.

From contributor Br

Al, you need to have Anchor call Gemini and speak with a technical support rep or the sales rep for the area.

From contributor Al

The Gemini rep emailed today and we went over the problem. Turns out the paint store used UTC tints instead of the 844 tints they were supposed to use on precat products.

They do have the water white precat available as well.