Prefinished Edgebanding Burns


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I use pre-finished edgebanding alot in my shop, namely iron-on prefinished maple edgebanding, Out of hundreds of feet of ironing i think i only burnt the finish once or twice, but i recently got a new stock of this edgebanding and not only does the maple seem lighter in color but the iron seems to turn the finish sticky and black no matter how fast i move the iron, i tried a cooler setting but that makes it take too long to melt the glue,

From contributor Da

You cud tray this.

From contributor an

thanks damir! i saw that a few years ago but didnt bother with it because i couldnt find much reviews on it,,, i found recently that virutex makes a full size hot air edge bander, like 8' long that sells for about 4k i think, much cheaper than those top of the line german ones. Do you have any experience with any of them?

From contributor Da

I only us this hand held air bander, we are not making a lot of cabinets so it suits ours needs and its a lot faster then ironing.

From contributor Je

It could be just a bad batch of banding?

If your contemplating an edgebander I suggest searching the archives here a bit. There's been quite a few discussions on why guys don't like hot air edgebanders. I bought a small used HolzHer glue pot bander last year for less than half of what a new Virutex costs, and it's quite possibly the best money I've ever spent. There's a glut of used banders on the market these days and a decent one will cut your banding time to a fraction of what it is now;>)

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