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Hi All,

I'm interested in using prefinished fast edge on a bunch of parts for store fixtures. They are all curved. The issue is we don't have a contour edgebander and we have to crank out a lot of parts quickly. Our plan is to use it with prefinished maple plywood. I'm concerned about durability and ease of trimming. I was planning on using a festool MFK700 to trim the 7/8" wide oversized edgeband off the 3/4" panel. The fastcap recommends applying this to freshly machined edges with a pressure roller. Has this worked well for others with this product?


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We use TACC canned tank glue for this and either use p-lam or edgebanding. Two guys hit it and its fast. We threw the Fast Edge away.

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I see the pre-finished maple- sorry. We have been rolling contact cement on with short nap rollers and keep the mess to a bare minimum. Using Virutex squeeze trimmers, then slight filing.

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Depending on how tight your radius is , dont know if the squeeze trimmer will work or not , i use the 4" razor blade scrapers from the paint department in home depot if I have to take any excess banding off . I usually dull them down a tad when brand new . Secret is to put vast majority of blade FLAT down on surface and only the edge of the blade doing the trimming ,i am pretty much flexing the blade and pushing straight down , never nick any edges or so , we got about 10 of these laying around shop. No need for filing afterwards either ! can trim edgeing as fast as I can push the blade !

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Has anybody had any success with the peel and stick stuff. We have so many parts that the contact cement is going to be too time consuming. I've been waiting for the Biesse conturo to come out in the US to solve this issue, but it's still not here.

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call EdgeCo


I just remembered a job years ago under same circumstances It's good stuff Still stuck 15 years later

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I use EdgeCo's PVC edgeband on our SCMI bander. It's a little thicker than some of the other thin tapes if that makes sense. I find the cut off saws tend to blow it out less. Do they make a prefinished wood edgeband as well?