Prepping Raw Wood for PSA Veneer

The PSA adhesive will adhere better if the wood is prefinished appropriately. November 16, 2011

Any ideas for preparing bare wood to accept PSA wood backed veneer? Should I use a particular type of adhesive?

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From contributor J:
PSA is adhesive. You don't need more adhesive to prepare for it. Is your substrate solid wood, or is it an engineered material like plywood, MDF, etc?

From John Van Brussel, forum technical advisor:
The PSA is the adhesive. Just make sure the substrate is clean. Blow it off with an air gun to get rid of surface dust.

From the original questioner:
Okay - so let me rephrase. If the substrate is bare wood, what is the best way to prepare it so the PSA will adhere correctly? It has the 3M adhesive.

From contributor F:
If you are applying the PSA veneer to raw wood, it will adhere best if you apply a finish first to the raw wood. Two coats of lacquer sanding sealer or the same amount of lacquer will do the trick. Sand in between coats with 320 to smooth the finish out, let dry for about a day, then apply your veneer. Works for me.