Pressure Pot Gauges


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Im thinking Id like to exchange the 100 psi gauge on the fluid pressure regulator for a 30 psi gauge . reason is the lower range gauges are much easier to read small adjustments in pressure .

is this o.k. to do ?

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Thanks Leo

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I always preferred to turn off the atomizing air and check the length of the fluid stream. That was always more accurate than the gauges and I could see if the fluid nozzle had any debris in it. 3 feet is recommended by the mfg but for production you may want a little more depending on how you spray.

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yeah , I do that also .

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you need to change the regulator, typically regulators are made for a specific pressure range, has to due with the size of the diaphragm and spring tension,

you might get the results you are loooking for bu typicall p pot regulatros dont work that great at the lower end of their pressure range

good luck
herb j.