Preventing Overspray Lines on Large Pieces

Quick advice on fixing or preventing overspray lines when spraying lacquer on full-size doors. October 3, 2007

I am spraying a bunch of 6 panel doors for a job. I am putting 4 coats on each side. They finish out nice, but when I get finished and get back and look down at my doors, I always see these overspray areas. Will a little lacquer thinner on a rag get rid of these overspray lines? I am spraying lacquer.

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From contributor K:
Where is the overspray? If it is on the doors, the problem is lack of correct technique. For something as large as a door, try spraying across the door, then vertically.

From contributor D:
I would suggest sanding and then recoating with a topcoat retarded. Add about 3-5 ounces of your supplier's recommend retarder solvent.

From contributor J:
Don't touch it with anything with lacquer thinner on it. It'll dissolve it faster than you can touch it, and you'll make a mess. Sometimes a light overspray can be hand rubbed away with a little rubbing compound (after it dries) or even a clay bar. But sanding it smooth and respraying a slower drying coat like mentioned above is usually the easiest solution. I generally add retarder to my last couple of coats to keep it all wet.