Preventing Vacuum-Pump Overheating

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Clean filters, a working bypass valve, and supplemental ventilation will help keep your vacuum pump cool. May 16, 2005

My vacuum pump keeps on overheating. It's a Travini pump. How can I prevent this from happening next time? I got the vacuum guy coming in sometime tomorrow to check it all out.

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From contributor M:
Check the filters. When were they last changed? Be sure to check all filters, internal as well as external. Is there plenty of ventilation at the exhaust or is there anything blocking the area? Sounds basic, but you never know.

From contributor S:
We have a Dresser Roots vacuum pump and it seems to have overheating issues as well. We've been told that it probably overworks itself because we have so much of our table uncovered, making the pump work constantly to keep a seal on our material.

From contributor Z:
Every vacuum pump comes with a bypass valve. Make sure that it is working. When your pump is overloaded, the bypass valve should open. If not, your pump will overload and next, it will trip. Installing a powerful exhaust fan will help. Make sure you divert the hot air out of the workshop during summer. Here is how we keep the pump cool. After the installation of the exhaust fan, we have not had any more overheating problems.