Pricing A Cabinet Project


From original questioner:

I live in Ohio, some of you who are in the same geographical area could possibly tell me what something like this would cost, I think my prices were a little low, just trying to get an idea thanks, this is 3/4 maple ply, finished and installed, cabinets are 25 inches deep on sides two piece crown, solid wood back on the middle panels.middle bench is maple. This is 7 ft long by 8 ft high.

From contributor Br

What did you price it at and what are your breakdown's?

From contributor ri

What's the finish? How far for the delivery? New construction or old? Is it 8' ceilings? Adjustable shelves? Walls on sides or open install? Need a lot more info.

From contributor Gf

old construction, adjustable shelves, white lacquer finish, doesn't go to ceiling. delivery is 40 miles away. in between two no doors, i couldn't get back far enough to get it all but here is a picture.

From contributor Je

$3000 plus trip charge

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From contributor Ma

i am sorry to hear you live in ohio. God can not bless everyone. I live in nor mich and im 5k painted and installed all day on that. Sparty on