Primer Color Under Red Topcoat on MDF

Dark gray is a good primer color under red. Here are tips on how to get that. June 8, 2008

To paint a MDF cabinet on red , what would be the best to mix with the white primer to make it darker?

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From contributor A:
Try putting some red in it.

From contributor B:
It's going to be very difficult to make that white primer anything but a pastel looking color. See if your coatings supplier has in stock already tinted primers or will even better, make yourself a custom one.

From contributor C:
If the whole project is going red, use an automotive red oxide primer available from any paint automotive supply company. Don't use white primer under red finish - if it gets damaged it will show white or pink.

From contributor D:
The answer is dark gray. For automotive finishes dark gray is always the recommended primer color used under red basecoats. Adding black to the white primer (normally 4 oz of HULS 844 per gallon) will get you to the right shade.

From contributor E:
MLCampbell has clawlock that comes in white or black. You could mix the two to get a grey, then do a couple coats of red. This would be the perfect thing for MDF.

From the original questioner:
Thanks a lot guys for all your help!

From contributor F:
Valspar makes a pre cat vinyl base coat that is actually a primer/surfacer. It comes in a mid tone base, so they can make you a red primer if you want.