Problem: Oven Melts Edgeband Glue

Some glues soften from heat after setting, others don't. January 2, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
We have a situation where we installed a slab door with 3mm edgebanding directly next to a hot oven and the closest edge became unglued (walnut veneer, with MDF core). Is this just a case of faulty gluing procedure? It looks like there is enough glue to my eye. Or should we highlight appliance locations and use a different glue that is not heat activated? If so, what is that glue?

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From contributor N:
Unfortunately that's the trouble with hot melt glue in an edgebander. It's not always a problem, it depends how the oven seals and how long the customer leaves the door open. Sometimes you can put a metal heat shield between the two. Otherwise you may want to consider leaving a little more space between them. I have never had any let go on me, maybe it's luck. It's one of those things that I would expect to come up at some point. Titebond extend wood glue is supposed to be heat resistant to some level. If itís a wood edge, maybe try using that where you may have an issue.

From contributor L:
You can get adhesives with a variety of temperature ranges. The one used on our main bander is 195 C but on our contour bander the adhesive used is at 155 C, big difference! It would be a pain to use a hard setting glue around the oven but it could be done for the few strips it would take.

From contributor G:
We install a 3" filler beside stoves and dishwashers for this reason. The filler comes out to the front of the door and protects the cabinet and door. I have seen the stainless shields and I think they would work well and not require the extra space.

From the original questioner:
Thanks you that is very helpful. We'll go ahead and use the Titebond to re-glue and consider using the fillers or stainless steel heat shield next to the appliance. I'd love to see a picture of the stainless steel if anyone has a link.