Problems With C.A. Technologies Spray Tips


From original questioner:

I have been having some problems with spray tips from C. A. Technologies for my Cougar gun. I have ordered about 6 tips over the last year or so and 4 of the 6 were defective out of the box. The fans are uneven, fingering at the ends and even one was curved rather than straight. I typically use a rather wide tip, 513 or 613. Another shop down the street is telling me they have been having the same problems. Anyone else have a similar experiences - or comments?

From contributor th


i just sent back (two weeks ago) a new 615 that was spraying like a 607 (almost no material was coming out of the tip). our replacement is at our distributor but after reading this i have lower expectations for it working. thanks a lot.

From contributor ar

Get a numbered set of drill bits and drill out the holes in the tips.

From contributor CW

DO NOT drill them out. This guy knows nothing about airless tips.

From contributor he

if you have fingering at the end of the pattern you most likely have tails, turn up the atomizing air pressure, should get rid of them

call ca they are good about trying to keepyou happy

good luck herb j,