Problems With Man Made Veneer


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I am interested to find out if other fabricators are having problems with man made veneers such as Brookside or Veneerart from Laminart. We have had some significant problems (surface cracking and delamination) with these materials after installation that do not appear connected to our fabrication methods, or to the conditions of the buildings. (We have done extensive humidity and temperature testing of the job sites.)

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Hi Rick

We use Brookside veneers all the time without any trouble..what backer are you using?

We are using Brookside 10MIL PB on pretty much a daily basis, and have never had any trouble

Years ago when laminart first came around with the VeneerArt, had a total nightmare of a time with cracking/delaminations

From contributor La

We did a large jewelry store with Brookside pre-finished, bonded to a thin phenolic backer. It came with a peel coat that we left on until installation in the store. Some things on this job were done in HPL. The HPL fixtures didn't have any problems BUT the Brookside veneers shank drastically. We got a call with in two months. Major problems. Gaps at the seams, pull back from the corners etc. The HPL fixtures didn't show any gaps or release. Same processes used on both. The store was fabricated soon after getting the veneer.
Have passed on two jobs since that spec'd Brookside pre-finished. We have used their unfinished "man made" veneers successfully.

From contributor Ri

Our experiences are similar to Larry's, using phenolic backer and getting cracks, shrinking and delamination on jobs with regular plam elsewhere that has no problems.