Protective Coat Over Boiled Linseed Oil

Thinned polyurethane makes a tough, low-build topcoat over linseed oil. August 16, 2009

I recently built a China hutch and decided to finish it with BLO instead of my typical Danish oil. I am happy with the look and feel, but what is a good topcoat for this? I don't want a build type finish but I need some protection (not much but some). The wood is cherry. Would wax be sufficient?

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From contributor S:
Just thin some poly 50/50 with mineral spirits and wipe on, wipe off just like the oil. This builds but very little and keeps that close to the wood feel.

From contributor H:
I agree with the above. I've used a similar method on my natural finished walnut/maple guitars. A good soaking with BLO then wipe on poly (the 50/50 mix described above), then buffed with 0000 steel wool and wood wax. It looks beautiful and is very durable. I would allow the BOL to completely dry or you will have adhesion problems with the poly. I usually let a guitar hang for a week or more before applying the poly.