Purchasing a Used Edgebander

Things to consider when evaluating used edgebanding equipment. August 8, 2006

Has anyone used a Holz-Her machine and what do you think of it? I'm thinking of buying a used one but also thinking of a Virutex. Any opinions?

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From contributor A:
The 1403 is a very reliable, though basic machine. A well maintained 1403 will last as long as you need it to, and parts are easily obtained (though a bit pricey).
As for the Virutex, there is no comparison. First, no hot air bander competes with glue (cartridges or granules). Second, Virutex is not a well thought of machine. All banders are like us ladies - must be treated just so in order to get a favorable response - even then you're living on hope.

From contributor B:
If you are running thin PVC or wood veneer, the 1403 is ok, but keep it clean with good dust collection at the trimmers. The router motors do not like laminate strips and the trip sensors hate dust and PVC shavings. This machine is a pain to adjust. The price is probably right though.

From contributor C:
I agree, the 1403 is a good basic machine that will speed up your production 10 times over hand applying with a much stronger bond than pre-glued. I just finished a job with P-lam doors with V-32 laminate cut into 7/8" x 96" strips. The guillotine and routers worked fine. I do agree with Harold that the machine is a pain to adjust. You will still have hand work afterwards in filing and glue clean-up. Spend the money for a technician to check out machine, set-up and training. Parts can be costly. New routers are $600-800 each. I paid $6,000 a year ago for a low hours machine out of a one man shop. Be careful, there's a lot of worn out junk out there.