Quartering a Turned Column

A trick for quartering a column after turning: Paper in the joint. March 26, 2010

I need to quarter a column that I am going to turn (about 6" diameter). What's the best way to accomplish this? Quarter it after turning? I'm envisioning some type of fixture to hold it square while ripping on the TS or BS? Or can I quarter the square stock prior to turning? If I quarter prior to turning, what's the best way to hold it together while turning? Thanks for any suggestions. It's a custom turning and fast turn around, so outsourcing doesn't seem to be an option.

Forum Responses
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From contributor M:
I learned a sweet trick a few years back. You lay a single layer of newspaper right in the wood glue of the joint you want to separate after turning. You cleave it out with a chisel afterward. Leave a little extra wood on the ends for mangling and the newspaper actual splits in two. You can read the newsprint from both sides of the paper on the two separated wood pieces.

From contributor R:
Make the four pieces, and use a paper piece in between as suggested. I have used drywall tape with excellent results.