Quick-Reaction Fix for Drips

Quick action with a child's medicine syringe or a soldering bulb can suck up drips before they set. June 18, 2010

My spray gun dribbled lacquer out the seal of the cup on the final coat and what a pain! I got creative, and it worked because I moved fast. I have two small kids and when they get sick you give them their medicine using a child's syringe. It's like a big hypodermic without the needle. I have bunches of them. I thought about this once before so I grabbed one quick, stuck it into the drip and sucked out the excess. I gave the spot a quick shot of finish and it leveled back out for me. I know I need to fix the seal on the gun. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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From contributor P:
I think that's a pretty good idea. In electronics soldering, there's a tool called a solder bulb that you squeeze and release to suck up liquid solder. That might work, too.

From the original questioner:
Good idea. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

From contributor D:
If you are too late in noticing them next time you can use a utility knife blade to scrape the run flat and then hit the area with a quick sheen adjustment coat.