Quick Stain/Topcoat Combination

Searching for a stain formula that allows topcoating without a long wait for the stain to dry or cure. September 14, 2006

I recently tried a WB wiping stain to replace the oil based gel I've been using to speed up my finishing and I'm not impressed with the results. I want to try a solvent based wipe instead, but can I topcoat with my Becker 318 WB without using a sealer? I think the rep mentioned not putting a WB topcoat over lacquer because of lifting from the out-gassing. Anyone use this type of schedule?

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From contributor C:
I often do similar things... you'll need to allow extra drying time, as the solvent stains need to be thoroughly dried before overcoating with water bases. Otherwise fisheyes and poor adhesion are likely. You can shoot a coat of clear oil base over them as soon as they have flashed off, but that is not advisable with the water bases. That's the drawback. I shoot over stains with oil base finish within a couple of hours... it's about two days before I can use the water bases on them safely. Of course, you won't forget to test on samples first... right?

From contributor P:
I spray dewaxed shellac to seal the oil-based stain, then apply a WB topcoat. I still like to give the stain a full day, preferably two, to dry before shooting the shellac.

From the original questioner:
Thanks - the reason I wanted to change over to the WB wipe was to speed up finishing. I do quick turn products and offer a choice of stains, so staining and topcoating within three hours is ideal. So far I'm not impressed with the WB stain and may go back to the gel for now. Now I do spray the WB over the gel after seven hours with no sealer and have never had a problem. I was hoping I could do the same with a solvent base, but it sounds like I'd have trouble. I'll be sure to run samples of whatever I try next.

From contributor R:
I use Valspar oil/alkyd wiping stains and their waterborne topcoat all the time. The best part is that the stain can be topcoated in 20 to 30 minutes with no sealer! The stuff works great.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. Are you buying the Valspar through a finish supplier, or is it the basic products sold at hardware stores? I looked at their site and they appear to have both commercial and industrial products.

From contributor R:
Valspar is a commercial product, so you would have to buy it at a cabinet supply shop.