Rebuilding or Servicing an Edgebander Gluepot

Advice on glue pot maintenance and service. June 16, 2014

I have a ten year old Brandt KD-56 and would like to have the gluepot serviced (maybe it should be re-built?). Nothing's wrong with it, just some preventative maintenance. Iím not sure of the logistics of having this done as we use the bander daily. We'd need to minimize how long the bander would be down. Are there companies that have loaner gluepots that could be used while ours is being checked over? Or one that we could next air ours to that would work on it on receipt and get it back out pretty quickly?

Forum Responses
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From contributor H:
Call Stiles, the importer and US distributor of your machine. They will exchange your pot. If there is nothing wrong with your pot I'd leave it alone.

From contributor L:
If all it needs is a good cleaning then do that in house. The same goes with dead heaters or the thermocouple. As long as you keep the bearings greased they last a long time. Keep your settings correct so the glue roller doesn't constantly contact the work and it will last a long time. Stiles will probably want $4K for their rebuilt pot. You may need to figure out how to band ahead as much as possible and take some panels to another shop for a few days. We do that for other shops in the area.

From Contributor U:
You can talk to Soverign Machine in Grand Rapids. They are able to rebuild it and do exchanges for less than the OEM. They are also able to re-coat the glue pot with teflon if needed.