Red Cedar Logs for Rustic Furniture

Handling and drying tips for Cedar logs. November 14, 2009

I am interested in making red cedar furniture. I have acres and acres of cedar in all sizes and shapes. I have the time, tools and desire. What I don't know about is the drying of this material. Is air drying acceptable for cedar. Since it is rustic furniture then wouldn't a few cracks and or splits be fine. I was told that air drying in my area would get it down to around 12 to 15% in six months. What can I expect if I use air dried cedar. Would I be wasting my time by moving forward with this?

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From contributor A:
The plan is a good one. The cedar dries fine if you just cross stack the logs. Bugs will get in and loosen the bark. If you do not remove the bark the same day you fell the log it will get stuck on. ERC does not check bad and pretty stable.

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From contributor D:
We are selling about six tractor trailer loads a year of 2" to 6" cedar logs for rustic furniture. Some want it German peeled, others want it old with bark falling off. As Arkansawyer said, peel the day you log or wait a year or more. A pressure washer will do a fairly good job of getting the bark off.