Red Dots In Finish Paint


From original questioner:

I have tinted oil base primer with trans tint mahogany brown so that it was closer to the top coat of dark brown, but one side of the door(interior) was finish coated with white oil base paint. Now, there are tiny red dots all over , my guess is its the red (that was in the trans tint) and something in the top coat is reacting with this tinted primer coat.

Is there a remedy? Am thinking that a barrier is needed ,something like BIN primer(shellac base) but not sure if there will be adhesion problems or not.

Anybody come across this? And what was the fix?


From contributor Ma

I've seen this before on multiple occasions. It seems to come from either overspray from your staining process or sanding dust from a stained door. When the sanding dust lands on a wet surface it rewets and bleeds into a red dot. if you apply the next coat on top of this dot it seems to rewet and continue to bleed through the coats. Remedy: you need to stop the bleed through with some kind of sealer. Those aerosol cans from mohawk seem to do the trick. Then reapply your paint.