Registering a Sawmill for Highway Use

sawmilllers share experiences from different states. June 22, 2005

I am looking to register a portable sawmill for over the road use. I'm in Pennsylvania and the DOT wants a vin or a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin, plus a special inspection, and 40 pages of forms. I can get all of that, but I'm wondering if there are other ways to do it? What does everyone else who pulls mills around do?

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From contributor B:
Here in Virginia, I went to the DMV and requested a registration form and license. I was issued a vin number and after it was installed, I had a deputy inspect it to verify that it was installed properly. I then got the license plate and registration. Itís around $100 for lifetime registration. Even if itís not required, it would still help establish ownership in event of theft.

From contributor T:
In North Carolina, if the trailer item has an engine on it, i.e. a sawmill, air compressor, welder, etc., you don't have to license it.

From contributor C:
Iím in Pennsylvania also, and no registration is required. The mill is considered Agricultural equipment. If you lay a board on it to transport, you've made a trailer of it and it must be registered. The only extras on my mill are reflectors, to keep from getting rear ended.

From contributor A:
Here in Arkansas there are two classes. One is Ag, and the other is Commercial. You can run under either one. Ag does not require a tag, but Commercial does.

From contributor A:
Also here in Arkansas, if you have a trailer behind your truck and it is for commercial purpose, then the truck insurance does not have to cover it. A guy I know is a fishing guide on a river and his boat was in a wreck and destroyed. Because he was a guide, his insurance would not cover it behind his personal truck. I now have commercial tags on my truck and insurance for the mill.

From contributor T:
In Vermont, my mill is registered as a trailer. I had to get a statement from the fabricator in New York who builds the mills at his home. The DMV wanted the value of the trailer package, and we have a stick on tag for the vehicle identification number. Itís $15 a year and thereís no police hassle. I would imagine your DMV has a fax number for the information to go directly to them.

From contributor K:
I'm in Pennsylvania and I have a Timberking. To make it transportable like any other trailer, it had to be registered with a tag. I bought the mill used, and I had to go to Timberking for a copy of the certificate of origin. With this I was able to register it. I now have a title and a license plate for it.